Thursday, October 4, 2012

Simply Pictures of Jessa's First 10 Weeks Home

First Moments with Jessa in Ethiopia
Getting to know Jessa at the hotel
The Airport
Sweet Neighbors!
First Morning at Home, Snuggling with Bro
First Day at Home - Sisters!
Playing with Grandma Stiger
Little Girls in the stroller
Nothing Sweeter Than Little Girls in Onesies
Me and My Mom and My Little Girls
My Fab Four
Playing at the Pool - Jessa's favorite place
At the Easton Family Picnic
Meeting Grandpa John
Watermelon - the perfect first food
All the Kids with Grandma and Grandpa Ryan
At the Zoo
On the Boat with Dad
Feeding Herself a Graham Cracker (only 2 weeks after putting an object in her mouth for the first time)
This is Anna giving Jessa a hug - Oh, the sister love!!

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